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Portfolio of Projects

Farquhar Consultants solves each client’s issues by providing a comprehensive approach backed by our team of experienced professionals.

Our process fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure we not only understand the core needs of clients, but also help them develop successfully.





Thomson's projects are below.

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Burnaby Hospital Redevelopment Project
British Columbia, Canada

Thomson in association with Kirsten Reite Architecture (KRA)

The $1.4 Billion Burnaby Hospital Redevelopment Project is a multi-year project occurring in two phases.

 Phase 1 includes the design and construction of :

• A new 6-storey , 83 bed inpatient/outpatient tower
• A mental health and substance use unit, with a secured outdoor patio
• A maternity and labour unit
• A neonatal intensive care unit
• A medical unit with negative pressure rooms and outbreak zones
• Underground parking

•Expanded Emergency Dept

•Additional Operating Rooms 

•Additional pre and post operative recovery spaces

• Expanded Support Facilities Building

•New energy centre,  

• Mechanical and electrical upgrades  

Phase 2 includes the design and construction of:

•New Patient Tower with 160 new beds

•New BC Cancer Centre

•New Medical Imaging Dept

•Emergency Dept renovations

•Additional Parking

International Broadcast Centre for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

International Broadcast Centre: 

 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, British Columbia

Thomson, in association with Olympic Broadcast Services Vancouver is a subsidiary of the International Olympic Committee tasked with providing unbiased broadcast of all Olympic events including construction and operations of the Broadcast Centres. Mr. T.C. Farquhar MSc, PMP, MRICS represented the International Olympic Committee through its subsidiary, OBSV, and was responsible for managing the planning, design, construction, Games operations and post-Games demolition and restoration of the 500,000 square foot International Broadcast Centre for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, located in the then brand-new Vancouver Convention Centre.

The just completed building was handed over to Mr. Farquhar by the City of Vancouver as their first tenant, which was temporarily reconstructed as the world's largest broadcast centre for the duration of the 2010 Olympic games.

This included massive changes to the facilities mechanical and electrical systems, including back up generators and uninterrupted power supply sufficient to operate the broadcast centre for the remainder of the games in case of a complete blackout event, reallocation of cooling capacity to studio spaces, provision of clean technical power for broadcasting, construction of satellite dish farm, etc.

Whistler Sliding Centre Arial View

Whistler Sliding Centre, Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton Facility

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, British Columbia

Representing the Vancouver 2010 Committee as Team Leader, Mr. Farquhar was ultimately responsible for the design and construction of the Whistler Sliding Centre, Bobsled, Luge and Skeleton Facility for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games valued at over $150 Million.  This project achieved a LEEDS Gold certification.

shipyards 2.jpg

North Vancouver Waterfront and Shipyards

North Vancouver, British Columbia 

Often times our clients have everything they need to succeed, they just require the resources and support to make a strategic jump. We worked on this project for several months and the end result was truly spectacular. By ensuring consistent and transparent communication, our client was able to progress by leaps and bounds.
Thomson Farquhar MSc, PMP, MRICS was involved with Planning, and Project Development of the North Vancouver Waterfront and Shipyard Development and Construction Projects.

Province of Ontario $1 Billion plus Major Infrastructure projects of 95-acres West Don Lands

Infrastructure Ontario Major Projects:

Toronto 95-acres West Don Lands, Canada

Thomson Farquhar MSc., PMP, MRICS represented the Province of Ontario as Team Leader on Major Infrastructure projects. The $1 Billion plus land redevelopment project included, the Pan Am Games Athletes Village and the Canary District, and Toronto's 95 acre West Don Lands. Starting from a heavily contaminated brownfield site. Thomson directed the redevelopment and civil engineering works.


Thomson's responsibilities included:
planning, subdivision, design and implementation of soils remediation program, Armoured Flood Protection Landform, realignment and extension of Bayview Ave, River St and Mill St, including design and construction of all underground services, district energy, roadways, sidewalks, streetscape, street lighting, traffic signalization, public utilities, lifting & underpinning of the Queen Street Bridge.

Thomson was successful in the implementation and execution of the overall subdivision plan, and all other agreements with various government bodies and private corporations including: City of Toronto, Waterfront Toronto, Toronto Regional Conservation Authority, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Finance & Ministry of Infrastructure. These major projects were completed in 2015 on time and on budget ready for the Pan Am Games.

Artists Aerial View - WDL- Mar 24, 2010.

Infrastructure Ontario Major Projects: 

Toronto's Canary District, Ontario, Canada

An award winning community and winner of the 2013 'The National Awards Community of the Year-Urban', and the 2014 'BILD Awards Community of the Year', and the 2012 'Canadian Architect Award of Excellence'.

queen street viaduct.jpg

Infrastructure Ontario Major Projects:

Toronto Queen Street Viaduct, Canada

Clients often approach Farquhar Consultants with a general idea of what they need, and this project was no different. We were able to jump right in with our expertise and really helped the company grow and evolve. Today, their business is doing exceptionally well, and we’re proud to have been part of the process.


Infrastructure Ontario Major Projects:
Ministry of Ontario Public Health Containment Labs, Canada

Thomson Farquhar MSc, PMP, MRICS was responsible for the $100 Million MaRS Phase II awarded - LEEDs Gold Certification.

Leasehold Improvement for 170,000 Sq. Ft over four high-rise floors for Public Health Ontario's new CL3 and CL2 containment labs in downtown Toronto. 


Infrastructure Ontario Major Projects:

Humber College Learning Resource Centre, Canada


Institutional Projects:
Pickering College, Newmarket Ontario, Canada

Contracted to provide leadership for a $50 Million Campus Expansion Master Plan including upgrading existing civil infrastructure and landscape, design and development of a new 102,000 SF 'Centre for Creativity and Innovation', redesign and renovation of 50,000 SF heritage building from the main academic centre into modern dormitories, development of a new ice hockey arena, and development and sale of 10 acres excess land for commercial use.

Commercial Projects:
Austin Station Shopping Centre,
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

We studied our client’s business to create a focused and effective solution - and then watched it grow. We loved working with this client, and look forward to collaborating together on many more successful projects in the future.

Want to join our growing list of successful projects and satisfied clients?


Infrastructure Ontario Major Projects:
Erinoak Kids Centre for Treatment and Development, Canada

Ontario’s largest children’s treatment centre, serving more than 14,500 children & youths annually. It is approximately 73,000 square feet in size on 5.2 acres, and has a LEED Silver Certification for design sustainability.

Port Coquitlam BC - Austin Station $10 Million construction value

Commercial Projects:
Austin Station Shopping Centre, Coquitlam,
British Columbia, Canada

We studied our client's business to create a focused and effective solution- and then watched it grow. We loved working with this client, and look forward to collaborating together on many more successful projects in the future.

Want to join our growing list of successful projects and satisfied clients?

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