Business Development,
Hospitality & Tourism Management Projects
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 District of Squamish Council Select Committee Member for
Social Development & Youth, and the Steering Committee Representative for the Putting Children First Initiative
Squamish & Whistler, British Columbia

Laura Farquhar MBA provided timely guidance to the Sea to Sky Community Services Society (SSCSS) Directors and Squamish Council of six (including the Mayor), regarding the above appointments. Laura under their direction, ensured that all policies, programs, and services were carried out effectively.

Laura kept an open line of communication with residents and businesses to ensure they were aware of major policies and initiatives being undertaken. Laura was responsible of ensuring that SSCS Directors and Squamish Council were provided with all relevant information necessary to make informed decisions pertaining to these two above appointments.

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Community Asset Mapping Consultant
Squamish & Whistler, British Columbia

Laura Farquhar MBA developed an inventory of the community’s strengths, a ranking of the most valued aspects of the community, and an understanding of the reasons why people place high value on various assets and resources in the community. 

Asset Mapping is a critical element of community development, as it engages people in the shaping of their community. Laura's research, development of reports and measurement tools, evaluations, and recommendations based on data collection and statistical analysis were published on the University of British Columbia – Human Early Learning Partnership website.

This information enabled strategies to be developed to build on the assets in order to sustain and enhance them for future generations to enjoy.

cheakmus learning center NVOS.jpeg
Cheakamus Environmental Learning Centre 
Brackendale, British Columbia 

The Cheakamus Centre is a 850-square-metre (9000-square-foot) Environmental Learning Centre. The award-winning "tree-house" design features environmental principles such as geothermal water heating, a storm water harvesting system and other green innovations to conserve energy and reduce the centre's environmental footprint. Laura provided guidance and input on the design & workflow of this project.

School Trip in Forest
North Vancouver Outdoor School
Brackendale, British Columbia

Established in 1969, the North Vancouver Outdoor School is an overnight field school and environmental studies facility that offers a wide variety of experiential environmental programs to children and adults.

It is located on 420 acres of ecological reserve in Paradise Valley. Laura successfully completed a Business Operations and Finance Management and Co-Administrator contract with North Vancouver School District, and NV Outdoor School.

Mona Lisa Cruise ship 2010 Van Olypics.jpg
Mona Lisa Cruise Ship
Squamish / Whistler, British Columbia

Farquhar Consultants were able to jump right in with our expertise and skill, and really help the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics (VANOC). Laura aided in the leadership and management aboard the Mona Lisa Cruise Ship.

Laura M. Farquhar MBA oversaw the logistics and execution of staff accommodations, bed rotation, and food services, boarding and departing and transportation.  We are very proud to have been part of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games.

Quest University
Squamish, British Columbia

Farquhar Consultants studied our client’s business to create a focused and effective solution - and then watched it grow. Laura M. Farquhar MBA loved facilitating the hospitality operations and services, and accommodations logistics and execution for the 2010 Olympics at Quest University in Garibaldi Highlands, BC.

We enjoyed working with VANOC during the Olympics, and with Quest University during the 2010 Olympics, as well as during the University's construction and development stages. We look forward to collaborating together on many more successful projects in the future.

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Golf and Country Clubs
Ontario & British Columbia, Canada

Clients often approach Farquhar Consultants with a general idea of what they need, and these projects were no different. With new openings like Furry Creek Golf and Country Club we were able to jump right in with our expertise and really help the company grow and evolve.

Marinas sunset.jpg
Marinas & Yacht Clubs
Ontario & British Columbia, Canada

Farquhar Consultants has been successfully responsible for the hospitality management and associate development of yacht clubs in British Columbia and Ontario Canada. Laura has volunteered on the Etobicoke Yacht Club & The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club as Sailing and Cruising Captain and Social Committee member.

Thomson Farquhar volunteered as Sailing and Cruising Captain and on the Etobicoke Yacht Club Board of Directors, as Director of Facilities, Lands.                    

Hotel Pool
Hotels & Resorts
Ontario & British Columbia, Canada & The Caribbean

Farquhar Consultants has overseen the leadership and management of events & venues, food & beverage operations and services, staff selection, development & training for numerous properties, luxury hotels and resorts in the hospitality and tourism sector.

By ensuring consistent and transparent communication, our clients were able to progress by leaps and bounds. 

Hospitality & Tourism Resorts
Whistler & Blackcomb Village British Columbia, Canada

Often times our clients have everything they need to succeed, they just require the resources and support to make a strategic jump. Farquhar Consultants international construction management and business advisors worked on resort design, building construction, and management projects, and resort business operations.    The end results were truly spectacular!