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Academic and Business Advising

Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts

An inside look

Laura M. Farquhar MBA (in PINK), as George Brown College Professor, of GBC Bachelor of Hospitality Management. and Culinary Arts program, organized and facilitated 'In Conversation' speakers series and gastronomic events. Celebrating another successful event is shown in the photo below with Chef Corey Lee of Benu restaurant in San Francisco and Chef David Chang of Momofuku restaurant group, and GBC Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts students.


Grow Your Team, Grow Your Business!

College Graduate

Academic Advising

Farquhar International Consultants offers advising for Businesses and Academia.


We offer Tourism & Hospitality program development and facilitation, the creation of standard operating procedures specific to your operations, training of SOPs and KPIs, as well as development of training manuals, academic course curriculum design, planning, and execution.

Facilitating Learning

Business Development, 
Tourism & Hospitality Management & the Culinary Arts

Laura M. Farquhar MBA is an experienced university, college, community and business educator. Laura is passionate about associate training and business development, quality customer service delivery, hospitality management, gastronomic tourism and the culinary arts.


Laura's specialties include:​​

 Lectures & Workshops

  • Soft Skills 

  • Quality Customer Service Delivery

  • Dealing with Difficult Customers

  • Team building & communication skills

  • Train-the-Trainer

  • Empowerment and Critical Thinking

  • Decision Making & Problem Solving

  • Cultural Diversity-Service for All

  • Serving it Right and Safe Serve

  • Food Operation Services- hands-on experience
  • Culinary Arts- food handling, preparations, and cooking classes and demonstrations

  • Culinary Arts- menu creation, design & engineering 

  • Designing valued memorable experiences

  • Costing and pricing visitors' experiences

  • Enhancing guests' experiences

  • Creating valued memories

Curriculum Development
Programs and Courses

  • Tourism​

      • ​Enhancing Guests' Experiences and

      • Creating Valued Memories

      • Tourism Trends & Innovation

      • Transformative Tourism 

      • Designing Memorable Travel

      • Sustainability and Regenerative Tourism

      • Environmental Stewardship

      • Gastronomic Tourism

      • Adventure and Recreation

  • Hospitality Management

    • Creating Value in the Experience Economy

    • Leadership and Management

    • Resort and Hotel Management

    • Food and Beverage Management

    • ​HR & Customer Relationship Mgmt.​

    • Sales & Marketing

    • Accommodations and Lodging Mgmt.

  • Entrepreneurship

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