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Facilitating Learning:

International Business Development, Hospitality & Tourism Management

Laura M. Farquhar MBA is an experienced university, college, community and business educator. She is passionate about associate training and business development, quality customer service delivery, hospitality and tourism management, and the culinary arts.


Laura's specialties include:

  • Developing and executing long and short-range success planning, and tactical strategies

  • Financial management, marketing and business plans and implementation

  • Identifying operational risks and developing plans to mitigate them

  • Customer relationship management

  • Building strong relationships with operations in order to understand needs

  • Providing feasibility analyses, menu design, costing and menu engineering 

  • Addressing quality and/or service gaps to develop continuous improvement

  • Streamlining processes and resource allocation

  • Enhancing service quality and stakeholder satisfaction 

  • Improving efficiencies and effectiveness and business performance

Onsite Workshops

  • Business Etiquette

  • Quality Customer Service Delivery

  • Change Management

  • Team building & communication skills

  • Creativity, Critical Thinking

  • Decision Making & Problem Solving

  • Cultural Diversity courses

  • Hospitality Leadership courses

  • Food & Beverage Operations & Service

  • Culinary Arts- menu creation, design & menu engineering 

  • F&B costing 

  • Culinary Arts- food handling, food preparations, cooking classes and demonstrations

Diversity & Inclusion Courses

  • Relationship Management Training

  • Facilitation and Service Skills

  • Customer Service Training and Communication Skills

  • Dealing with Difficult Customers

  • Human Resources Training 

  • Leadership and Management Training & Development

  • Negotiations Training

  • Presentation Skills

  • Productivity Efficiency & Effectiveness

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Team Building courses

  • Train-the-Trainer courses

An Inside Look

Laura M. Farquhar MBA, Professor of Hospitality Leadership

Laura M. Farquhar MBA (in PINK). while contracted with George Brown College, volunteered her event management expertise for the 'In Conversation' event with Chefs Corey Lee of Benu restaurant in San Francisco and Chef David Chang of Momofuku restaurant group, and the GBC Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management students.


Grow Your Team, Grow Your Business!

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