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Culinary Tourism

The strong links between food and culture mean that cultural food tourism is one of the most intimate forms of cultural exchange that visitors can have.
Enhancing their experience and creating valued memories.

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Taste of the Sea

Food tourism includes any tourism experience where a person interacts with food and drink that reflects the local cuisines, heritages, or cultures of a place.

Dining at a local restaurant, visiting a farm, or watching and participating in the harvesting of shellfish, and incorporating the bounty in a cooking class that brings out the best in flavors, are some examples of food tourism.

The rise of food tourism stems from a shift to experiential travel where visitors are immersed in the culture of the place in a meaningful way. This is usually achieved through enhancing the guest's experience in memorable interactions with the local people, food, and environment.

British Columbia, Canada is known for its sustainability initiatives, natural offerings, local fishers and gatherers, growers and harvesters and talented Chefs.
Join us in a celebration! 'Tasting for all the senses', with regional cuisine, incredible scenery, and attentive service delivery.

We have created adventures, designed with a purpose to acquire knowledge with an immersive and educational journey in local communities.

BC's West Coast is supernaturally vibrant, with diverse landscapes, Pacific ocean, fresh lakes and rivers, majestic mountains and lush green forests, cities, villages, towns and communities, and delicious cuisine. 
With BC's Agricultural and Food Markets, Farquhar Consultants offers a Canadian Culinary Tourism Experience, Creating Valued Memories. 

Farquhar Consultants in association with partners who support organizations that protect nature and wildlife, honor local cultures, and inspire action to deliver meaningful impact and Culinary Tourism experiences – it’s more than just delivering an experience. Harvesting, preparing, and sharing food are each important parts of cultural revitalization and act as vehicles for intergenerational knowledge transfer.

Focusing on enjoying the tourism experience with a local cultural experience, we share food, culture, tastes, and traditions. Local food paired with local wines, and craft beers set the table for a local culinary transformational tourism experience and food and beverage extravaganza!

Regional local suppliers, growers, harvesters, and Chefs mingle with guests, sommeliers, brewers and distillers while discovering the nuances of the art of pairing food and experiencing the taste of place and sense of surrounding.


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